Rules to keep in mind:

1. Follow the global rule.

2. Do not post private information, encourage others to fish it out, or do any other illegal act which relates to doxing.

3. Zoophilia belongs in >>>/zoo/

4. Keep stuff that hurts your anonymity, ie. tripfagging/namefagging/avatarfagging, to a minimum.

5. Very excessive and/or absurd shitposting without any redeeming quality may be cleaned up. Shitposting threads will most often be bumplocked.

6. Do not spam the board.

7. No meet-up/hook-up threads. /fur/ isn't a dating service.

Tips to assist posting:

1. Although we don't try to enforce strict quality standards, please try to keep your posts somewhat qualitative.

2. Consider against narrowing already specific topics to porn.

E.g. If you want some Okami porn, rethink making "Okami Porn Thread." Think of something about the game you might like to discuss, and porn will surely follow along with discussion. Maybe even OC.

3. Consider making specific porn requests in more general threads

E.g If you feel there isn't as much to discuss about Okami these days, head over to a thread like s/fur or g/fur and request some Okami posts

4. If you're new and aren't used to the customs and climate of 8chan, lurk for a while.