Feature Set

8chan's current administration can't be relied upon at all, so we develop new features on our own.

Trial runs and debugging of these features occur at >>>/testsite/

Kemothera.py (Whitelist)

Bot: KemoTherapy

While this script is active it will delete the new posts of anyone who is not on the whitelist.

There is an unaffected thread (often named Board Status) where you can post and request your addition to the whitelist.

The whitelist is a list of IP Hashes. If you have a dynamic IP you may need to check in occasionally when you suspect your hash has changed.

Carpet Bomb (Auto Spam Clean-up)

Bot: KemoTherapy

Automatically deletes any posts from non-whitelisted users below a designated post in a thread.

If a thread has posts from 25-84 and the starting point is set to 47, the script will only delete posts between 47 and 84.

This is meant to clean up spam that happens to slip in before Kemo is activated.

Whitelist Check

Bot: ServiceBot

Checks if each poster in a specified thread (typically Board Status) is whitelisted, and amends either "whitelisted" or "not whitelisted" to their post subject.

Opt-In IDs


When making a thread add ~ to the beginning of it's subject. This will activate IDs in this thread.

IDs are added via the subject field. They appear much nicer if you use the board CSS or add the following to your user CSS.


User CSS will appear across the themes you use.